Suresh Krishna Madhuvarsu

: product manager, engineer and technologist :

Thank you very much for dropping by.

I am a Product Manager and Software Engineer with more than 12 years of development experience in various roles and industries. I had most of experience come from  Automobile giant Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany. Later I worked with Pramati Technologies in the SOA and Mashup space. Currently, I work for a software firm in San Francisco Area. Having spent more than 6 years at Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany as a Software expert, gave me an in depth experience working with various customer teams of Daimler ChryslerVolks Wagon and BMW. During the same time i have also collaborated with Innopract, Germany for Eclipse Solutions. Early in my career, i worked as an independent software consultant for start-ups at Hyderabad, India.

In my previous roles, I am an application developer, architect, and team manager. I am seen as a high energy, result focused, highly adaptive person at work with a keen focus on the technology world. I love to work with experience enriched people and witty intellects. I provided several productivity tool solutions to the Automobile, Internet and Utilities Industry customers on Java and Eclipse platform. Driver for the "virtual teams" across geographically distributed teams (USA, Germany, India) and trained to develop team members for the highly competitive environment.

My technical experience spans c, perl, xml, java and c# while my expertise is on Java, XML and Eclipse platform. Domain modeling and model driven approaches are a passion for me. Software Product lines is the current topic i am keen on. My leadership and managerial experience consists of technical and people aspects. I have seeded and driven several in house initiatives on technology. Lean and Agile development are the areas that have been a great interest for me. Exposed to CMM L3-L5 aspects of the organization; Driven the multiple projects with Agile Methodologies like Scrum and Extreme Programming

My interests point to SDKs, IDEs, SaaS, Google TV, Android Platform, HTML5 and Photography.

Last Updated : May 2014